Email Marketing

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The plain and simple truth is, when done in the correct way, Email Marketing works. We all know how not to do email marketing – just check the constant stream of spam you get every day for a good example of how not to do it. Distributing poorly done emails that have random messages sent to random people, is the equivalent of throwing a bunch of lemons into a crowd and hoping someone will just happen to be hungry and will pick one up and eat it – unpeeled.

Effective email campaigns, on the other hand, are the equivalent of taking a perfectly ripe tangerine, peeling it with care, and then offering it to someone who is hungry and has asked for a tangerine. In other words it’s about sending a relevant message to a well-targeted audience at the right time. So, forget the lemons. We’re going to help you prepare some juicy tangerines, and then find some hungry people who want to eat them.

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Tangerine Email Tips

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  •  Reach out to your loyal customers Your best customers can be your best referral source so treat them well. Emails should not be all about selling. Reach out to your most loyal and best customers on their birthdays and holidays. When they refer a friend, send a thank you email and compensate them for their recommendation by presenting an exclusive offer. Don’t forget to use emails to invite loyal customers to follow you on your Social Media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Triggered Emails Triggered emails are based on customer actions, such as when they click on a certain image, or when they search for particular information. For instance, if the customer clicks on a link for “Tips for Email Marketing” that would trigger an email that offers more email marketing tips and an offer for an email campaign assessment.
  • Abandoned shopping cart emails When you have customers who abandon their shopping cart don’t assume they lost interest in that product or service. Once they became interested enough to go through the process to that point, they have some level of emotional investment. There are many reasons people abandon shopping carts. Their boss might have walked into the office. Their baby might have started crying. The bottom line is you want to make it easy for customers to come back and complete the buying process. So, touch base with an email that contains the items in the shopping cart to bring them back.