Why Online?

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As a business owner, you are constantly being told you should “be” online. Yellow pages are dead. Social Media is the free marketing frontier. If you are not on Google you are fighting a losing battle. Given the business one could argue for or against any or all of those points.

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Why Bother with Online?

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  • You Know All Your Customers’ home phone numbers.
    Get a Website up (with a single page) with your home phone number (or at least a cell phone).
  • Your Customers Socialize at the Club
    Own Your Brand’s URL (and Twitter and Facebook Account) so no one else can.  So PerfectEveryTimePrintShop’s tricky competitor AlwaysLatePrinter goes to perch on your name….you have them…even if you never post on them.
  • Your Customers Reach for Yellow Pages not the Keyboard
    Then renegotiate your yellow page ad contracts for 1/4 of 2008 rates and sent all your customers the elixer of a long life.

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How Quickly Can You Get Online?

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  • Your customers all have iphones.
    Set up a a Google Adwords Campaign Targetting Only Iphones, Blackberries…low cost but huge return for these early adopters.
  • You only know your customer’s IM or Facebook account names
    Go Social.  Go Big or go home.  When your customers express their thoughts online you better be there everytime their conversations turn to your product or store.  24/7 Monitoring services will ensure that you don’t miss a tweet or an update about your business.
  • Your Customers’ Yellow Pages never go into the house but straight out to recycling.
    Start building a smart Pay-per-click (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) campaign and use that invaluable information (after 3-6 months depending on volume) to move your efforts to SEO (organic search) campaigns.  Seems like too much work…hire Tangerine to do the heavy lifting (we’ll getting rid of your yellow pages advertising and set you up with a robust search campaign).

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Online, but no one can contact you?

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  • Sign up for a FREE Site SWOT Analysis Today.

If you have a large percentage of abandonment in the buying process, or consistent drop off at certain points on your site after a prospect has clicked-through, then you most likely have site flow or shopping cart process issues. Our SITE SWOT ANALYSIS can help pinpoint problems and recommend fixes.[/fancy-ul][/vc_column][/vc_row]