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Search Engine


“Search is an investment…but by
being canny & playing
your cards right challenges are
far from insurmountable.”

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“Don’t buy a wreath for the
email marketing funeral…
it’s just getting more
sophisticated and challenging.”
Mark Brownlow

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“Web site must do…
two things…
turn a stranger into a friend,
and a friend into a customer.”
Seth Godin

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Social Media


“Writing a blog is like
a running stream, and if
you step out for a moment, a certain
point in the stream will pass you by.”
Chris Brogan

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Internet Marketing Company based in Los Angeles, CA

Tangerine Marketing is a internet marketing company composed of a group of visionary doers. Our team has over 20 years of experience in online marketing strategy and implementation. We not only know what to do to increase ROI for small to medium size businesses but also how to get it done!
With a deep understanding of the needs of business owners and a commitment to the success of our clients, Tangerine Marketing establishes SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns; designs and redesigns web sites to increase conversions; and moves companies into the new world of social media through blogs, tweets and article content.
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We have flexible website development and marketing plans to fit the needs of small to mid-sized companies. Contact us today for a free site analysis and custom quote.
Need immediate help with your internet marketing strategy? Give us a call 310-817-6444 for a no hassle consultation.

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